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Josh Swanson Fair Quick Offer Sell Your HomeMy name is Josh Swanson and I am the founder of FairQuickOffer.com.  I’ve spent years as a Real Estate Agent in the Central Florida area specializing in helping Florida Home Buyers buy the homes of their dreams, either to live in and create a life or for Investment purposes.

In my days as a listing agent, I often found there were times when I couldn’t help people sell their homes fast because the homes needed repairs and buyers wanted a discount on the price of the home because of it.  After that discount was taken and all the high real estate agent fees, costs, and commissions were added to the sales price, there wasn’t enough money for the buyer to walk away with the amount of money they needed.  It also took a lot of time to sell the homes that weren’t in perfect condition, even if it was a nice home that just needed a fresh coat of paint and minor updates.  This is where I came up with the concept of FairQuickOffer.com.

The concept of FairQuickOffer.com is relatively simple.  While beautifully restored homes are simple to sell for a good price, homes needing even the slightest amount of updating take much longer to sell and the homeowner has to wait and wait for just the right person or investor to come along who is willing to put on that fresh coat of paint and install the new carpeting themselves in order to make the home ready to live in again.  After years in the Real Estate business, I have been able to find many investors who will allow me to use their money to invest in these homes and restore them and sell them for maximum price on the open market.  These investors will let me buy literally any home, as long as the price is fair and we will be able to make a small profit once the repairs and updating is complete.  By using their cash, I am actually able to purchase the home directly from you myself, eliminating all the Realtor fees and we are able to pay a discounted rate for a professional title company to handle all the closings we do, ensuring everyone is legally protected and the escrow process is professionally handled.

The savings in Real Estate agent commissions alone are usually enough to allow me to purchase your home directly from you, the customer, at a price we both can agree on.  If there is a problem with the deed to the property such as behind in taxes, liens on the property, unlawful tenants, etc, our title company can resolve 99.9% of these problems too and enable you to sell your home fast to us.  If the title is completely clear however and you need cash fast, my team has closed all of our deals in as little as 72 hours.  Quite a few of the homes we have purchased, closed even faster.

My experience in the Central Florida area makes it possible for me to give you the highest price for your home.  I can estimate the value of your home quickly in top condition and my relationships with local contractors allow me to get the repairs and updating done for cheaper than anyone else in town.  Myself and my investors only need to make a small profit on each home we purchase because we make money in volume so all the rest of the money, we put directly into your pocket.  We will even pay all the closing costs.  Don’t waste your time with the other companies.  Contact us today and myself or one of my team will be out to your house in less than 24 hours and it’s possible to have the deal closed and the money in your pocket by this weekend.

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