Cash In 72 Hours

We’ve all had times in our life when we need money immediately.  Whether you need to get out of town fast, are days away from losing your home in a tax sale, need to repay a loan immediately, or whatever else it may be, we are the only ones in town offering the cash in 72 hour program.

If you need this service, and you really want fast cash for your house, because you need to sell your house quick, we can buy your house practically on the spot.  We will take the house AS-IS, and get you cash as fast as the title company can give us verification that the home is really yours to sell.  They do this by running what is called a title search.  The title search takes about 24-48 hours to perform if we order rush service.  Once it is complete, we will meet, sign the final paperwork and you will have the cash for your house.

This process is truly unique and only offered by  It is THE ULTIMATE QUICK SALE OF YOUR HOUSE IN AS-IS CONDITION.   There are no delays, no games, no inspection periods like you may have experienced with other “SELL YOUR HOUSE FOR CASH” or “WE BUY HOUSES” companies in the Central Florida area.  This is not our normal program.  Normally it takes about two weeks to process the paperwork and do a formal search to analyze the property and determine if the title to the property is clear and we can buy the home.  Our company has to pay extra fees to the title company for this faster approach and one of our agents has to focus solely on your property for the 72 hours involved between offer acceptance (Which will be the first meeting at your house) and closing the sale and paying you cash.  For the time and effort we must put forth to make this revolutionary Emergency cash for your house program work and for us to close in time to meet your needs, we will need full cooperation from you as well, including a price discount for the speed we are offering.  This 72 hour program is not for everybody.  If you have two to four weeks to wait until you need your money, this program is not for you.

If it is for you though, and you are looking for cash for your house at this speed, we are the only ones in the industry with this program available.  Please call us today or submit your info onto our webpage and we will call you back within the hour.

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