The Zillow estimate of my homes value in $168,000. Is that the price you’ll pay for my house?

Zillow’s estimate of home value is a rough guess at best. When was the last time the guys from Zillow came inside your home to evaluate it? There are many things that effect this estimate and we have paid more, but we have also paid less than Zillow’s estimate. We will provide you with the best possible price for your home based on recent sales in the area.

Does Fair Quick Offer LLC pay all closing costs?

To make it easier for our customers, our offer to buy your home for cash is a “NET” offer meaning you don’t have to worry about the price the title company charges, Doc Stamps and other mysterious fees found in the sale of a home. The price we offer you is the price you will get paid at closing minus a portion of this year’s taxes, the repayment of your current mortgage, code enforcement fines you’ve incurred, etc.

Will I have to clean out the house before Fair Quick Offer LLC will buy my home?

Fair Quick Offer LLC will be buying it “As-Is” so you don’t have to do anything to the house no matter what the condition. Simply take the personal items and furniture you want to keep and leave the junk to us.

What types of properties does Fair Quick Offer LLC buy?

Fair Quick Offer LLC will purchase all single-family, multi-family, townhouse or condominium. Vacant or rented, no problem.

What city does Fair Quick Offer LLC purchase homes in?

Currently, Fair Quick Offer LLC is buying homes for cash in Orlando, Deltona, Deland, and all over Seminole County. We also buy homes in the entire area of Orange County, Seminole County, and Volusia County, Florida

How long will it take you to purchase my property?

At Fair Quick Offer LLC, we will have a licensed Realtor to your house in less than 24 hours to inspect the property, discuss comparable sales in the area, and call back to the office to determine the cash offer price. We have closed on houses in as little as 72 hours in emergency situations and for a discounted price but we will give you the highest cash offer if you give us two to four weeks to process the title search normally and have time for our contractors to give a more accurate determination of costs of necessary repairs.

I owe more on my house than it’s worth. Am I still eligible for a cash sale?

We have many options available to a homeowner who’s under water in their mortgage. Call today to discuss the creative solutions we may have for you and your unique situation.

What will happen to my home after I sell my house?

At Fair Quick Offer LLC, we buy houses for two reasons. To renovate and cosmetically update and resell for a small profit or to perform a light rehab and then use the home as a rental property. Our goal for each home is different.

Who will be the person who comes to my property?

Fair Quick Offer LLC only sends licensed, friendly, Real Estate agents to our customer’s properties providing a stress-free professional experience when we come out to your home. You will have no obligation or costs for your appointment and will be provided plenty of information on how your home is valued in the current Real Estate market. Our Real Estate agent will use our current pricing structure to provide an offer for your property “AS-IS” at the appointment.

How do I get paid at Closing?

All closings will take place at professional title companies in the Orlando area such as Southern Title & Abstract. We pay them to perform everything necessary in order for us to give you money and relieve you of the burden of your current property. If you don’t live in the Orlando area, we can schedule a mobile notary service to come to you wherever you are or they can Fed Ex the documents for you to approve and then they will wire you a check directly to your bank account.

What are the advantages of working with Fair Quick Offer LLC to sell your home?

There are many advantages to working with us verses the traditional methods of selling your home.

  1. We can close very quickly but, more importantly, we can close whenever you need us to. If you don’t need to close quickly but want to close at a specified time, we can accommodate that as well.
  2. Since we employ active Real Estate agents to help determine your home’s value, we consistently are able to pay more than the traditional “We Buy Houses” companies as we are more in tune to the market than our competitors. Our value-priced labor we use for repairs enable us to fix the properties cheaper so we are able to pay you more cash for your house and still make a conservative profit for our company.
  3. We have the money to buy your house. Many smaller operations run out of money on a frequent basis and sometimes, at the last minute, they are unable to give you the cash for your house and the deal is not made. We source our money from various streams from around the globe and never make an offer on a property we aren’t able to purchase with cash. If we ever run low on funds, we stop making offers until we resell our homes and catch back up.

There are many “Cash for your Home” companies out there. How do I know which one to trust?

Whether or not you choose to go with Fair Quick Offer LLC when it’s time to sell your house, there are certain things you should consider with the Cash for Homes companies.

  1. Can they provide references from title companies and lawyers they work with on a regular basis?
  2. How many properties they have actually bought and sold for cash over the last year.
  3. Can the “We Buy Houses” company you choose provide proof of funds indicating they have enough available cash to actually buy your home?
  4. Does the contract look suspicious in any way? At Fair Quick Offer LLC we can provide you with a standard Florida Realtor FarBar AS-IS contract or a simplified version we can read and discuss word for word in just a few short minutes.

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