How It Works

Sell your home to us at  We are a professional and friendly company built almost exclusively with licensed real estate agents.  We will buy your house from you for the most money we can offer based on current comparable sales in your neighborhood.  We purchase your home as-is, meaning you don’t have to do any of the repairs or clean-up.  One of our Real Estate Professionals will be at your home within 24 hours of your call or form submission to discuss comparable sales prices and a price we can offer to you.

When we agree to a price that is fair to everyone, we will fill out the short, easy to read, purchase agreement and deliver it directly to our title company to start the escrow process.  Depending on your county, this could take up to 15 days to get the title and lien searches complete.  If there are any problems with the title, such as a problem with code enforcement fines, back taxes owed, incomplete probate filings, etc.  That’s Okay!!!  Most of the properties we buy have some sort of issues such as these and our professional title companies we use to handle all our files can straighten out any paperwork problem you may have and we can close on these properties immediately after.  Most standard deals, even with minor title problems, can be closed within 21 days of your initial call to

You can spend money to repair and update the home and hire a Realtor to try to find a buyer to bring a maximum priced offer, from a traditional buyer, and wait the normal amount of time to complete the escrow process and have the mortgage approved (normal escrow processes take 45 days or longer these days thanks to the new Dodd-Frank Act. The 45 day time frame doesn’t start until AFTER the buyer has already been found and the contract has been signed by both parties and accepted).  This is usually your best way to get the maximum dollar amount for your property if you have the time to wait and the resources to fix the home up.  We have a list of incredible agents we recommend for listing your property if you choose to go this route.  Call today to discuss which Realtor would be right for you!

You can sell your home by yourself.  This process is referred to commonly as “For Sale By Owner” or the initials “FSBO”.   Please keep in mind 85% of people who attempt this route, end up giving up and listing their home with a Real Estate agent after their first month of attempting to sell the home on their own.  If you want to sell your house quick, this is not normally the best option. If you do decide to go this route and sell your home as-is, and you want to sell your home fast, feel free to call for a free analysis on the current market conditions for homes in your area that are comparable to yours so you’ll know what a fair price would be to market your property for.

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